ANASTA's position as the reference point for Italian companies that operate in the welding and cutting market and other related market sectors has been confirmed. Today ANASTA must measure up to the new challenges it faces from Europe.

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Italian industry is very much geared towards foreign markets on an European and world scale. Its products are known and appreciated throughout the world; this is highlighted by the fact that 50% of its production is exported .

For some years now ANASTA has played an active role in promoting and assisting Italian industry in adapting to the new and different demands of the European market.

When European directives, which range from company liability to safety specifications of products, come into force, ANASTA is sometimes called upon to receive, interpret and enforce adhesion to these directives, providing its members with the necessary support and technical expertise.

The in-depth knowledge and great experience of Italian industries have been represented by ANASTA at international committees where definition of these new standards takes place.

ANASTA representatives work along with CEI (for Italian standards), through CEI with CENELEC (for European standards) and very importantly with IEC (for standards on a world scale) for welding and cutting electric machines. In the flame and consumable materials field they take part in the work of the UNI, through Italian Welding Institute, with CEN and ISO committees.

On european level, mission of ANASTA mission is to promote the interests of italian industries as well  to be informed about and monitor the European welding market.
In conclusion ANASTA, in recent years, has undertaken an intense communication action to promote its members and their products in Italian and foreign markets.